Swing Beds at GCGH 812-847-5206 or 812-847-5207

Greene County General Hospital realizes that recovery from surgery or an accident requires time and care. Many patients need extended care, but do not need acute care services or long-term care. The solution is Greene County General Hospital’s swing bed unit.

Greene County General Hospital is pleased to offer swing beds, a Medicare program designed to provide additional skilled care to those needing extra time to heal before returning home.

Social Worker, Jill Bailey, MSW, ACSW, LCSW

“The swing bed unit allows patients to move from acute care to skilled rehabilitation at Greene County General Hospital,” explained Jill Bailey, Greene County General Hospital’s social worker. “This ensures continuity of care for patients needing nursing care by keeping them in the same facility with the same doctors, nurses and therapists.”

Any patient who does not need acute care but is not ready to be discharged can benefit from swing bed care. Acute care patients who have stayed at least three days at Greene County General Hospital or another hospital but still require additional monitoring or rehab therapy are eligible for the swing bed program.

Patients who can benefit from swing bed care include, but are not limited to those recovering from major surgery, joint replacement or abdominal and vascular procedures; those recovering from a major accident or stroke; or those with wounds that need special care.

“Swing bed patients receive nursing care and daily therapy. They also receive treatment to restore the ability to perform activities of daily living such as walking, climbing stairs, dressing or bathing,” Bailey said. “Greene County General Hospital staff members meet with patients and their families to discuss the plan of care and rehab goals.”

Swing bed team members include: the patient and his/her family, physicians, nurses, social services, dietitians, physical, occupational and speech therapists and respiratory therapists.

For more information on Greene County General Hospital’s swing bed unit, call 812-847-5206 or 812-847-5207.