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Patient Visitation 812-847-2281

Policy: All patients have the right to visitation except as outlined below.

Purpose: To facilitate and support visitation that provides comfort to patients.


  • Visitation is supported as follows:
    • Patients have the right to select who may or may not visit them regardless of whether or not that person is legally related to the patient.
    • Patients and/or their representatives will be fully informed of their visitation rights on admission including any clinical restrictions or care whenever possible and when he/she is informed of their patient rights.
    • Visitors will not be restricted based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability
    • Clinical restrictions and limitation decisions will be based on the health and safety of the visitors and patients.
  • Visitation may be restricted under the following clinically necessary and/or reasonable circumstances:
    • Patient is undergoing care interventions;
    • Presence of infection control issues;
    • Visitation may interfere with the care of other patients;
    • Existence of court orders restricting contact (of which the hospital is aware);
    • Disruptive, threatening or violent behavior of any kind;
    • Patient need for privacy or rest;
    • Need for limitation of the number of visitors during a specific time;
    • Need for minimum age requirements for child visitors.

When someone is sick or in the hospital, a visit can help cheer them up. But it’s also important to remember that when someone is sick, they may not be in the mood to see many people. So it’s a good idea to be sensitive to a patient’s needs



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Original: 1977
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