Infusion Center at GCGH 812-847-6171

The infusion center is located on the second floor of the Hospital and offers IV infusion of chemotherapy, blood, antibiotics, remicade, orencia, reclast, tysabri, coticosteroids, and hydration as well as piccs and central line care. The infusion center also offers wound care, medication management, diabetic education, kinetic dosing, and blood draws for the lab.

The infusion center was founded in 1997 after former pharmacy director, Mike Crane, became frustrated with serving IV therapy patients in the emergency room. The Greene County General Hospital Ambulatory Infusion Center is one of the first Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO) and Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) accredited infusion centers in Indiana. It was also one of the first accredited infusion centers in the Midwest.

The infusion center, which is located on the second floor of the hospital, has five infusion chairs in two separate rooms. All rooms have flat screen TVs and afford privacy, offering an option of having up to two family members present if desired.

Patients requiring infusions several hours in length are provided lunch from the hospital cafeteria.

The infusion center’s mission it to provide optimal IV infusions of medication and blood products ordered by the patient’s physician in a professional, courteous, and friendly environment. Compassionate nurses and pharmacists work together as a team to educate and care for each patient.

The infusion center can be reached by calling 812-847-6171


Meet our Infusion Nurses

Meet the Greene County General Hospital Infusion Center nurses, Denise Gambill, Denise Collins, and Kristen Dunkerly.

Infusion Center Department (from left to right)- Director of Pharmacy, Melissa Toon, RPh, Kristen Dunkerly, RN, Denise Collins, RN and Denise Gambill, RN

These nurses have a combined experience of more than 50 years of nursing.  They bring nursing degrees (RN and BSN) and have certifications in Chemotherapy and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

While there is never a typical day in the life of any nurse, GCGH Infusion Center nurses say they are always ready to receive doctors’ orders, schedule patients, and provide a wide range of services.  Sometimes that means allergy injections. Sometimes it means changing wound dressings or setting patients up for a long day of chemotherapy.

“Working here crosses all fields of health care,” said Kristen Dunkerly. “We treat oncology patients, geriatrics, pediatrics, and more. It requires a broad knowledge of skilled care and gives us the opportunity to serve a diverse patient population.”

The most challenging part of the job? Letting the community know they are here.

It is common for doctors to send patients far from home for care, scheduling them in Terre Haute, Bloomington, Vincennes, or even Indianapolis. But especially with chemotherapy, say the Infusion Center nurses, it is important to be close to home.

“The most important and rewarding thing we do here is helping patients get the treatment they need and making it easier to get it,” said Denise Gambill.  “Traveling when you are sick after an infusion is horrible. We make a difference in patients’ lives by making their treatments more manageable.”

GCGH Infusion Center nurses are available around the clock, on weekends and holidays. That gives the team there an opportunity to serve people when their long-distance treatments are closed. The good thing is, notes Dunkerly, once they receive the care and compassion of the GCGH Infusion Center, they want to come back.

“If anyone has questions about what we can do, just call,” encouraged Gambill. “Call and ask us. Chances are, we can provide the services patients need and do it when they need it.  We are flexible, available, and close to home.”

These nurses have spent years developing relationships with patients, and they say those patients become just like family.

The Infusion Center can be reached by calling (812) 847-6171.