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Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday!


Active Living

Even the smallest amount of physical activity can pay health and wellness dividends. The hospital is proud to support local opportunities for being physically active and eating well. That includes working to make Greene County communities more walk-able and ride-able through our work in the Active Living Workshop and the Active Living Council in partnership with many local stakeholders. The workshop was secured as a joint effort with the Purdue Extension office and was conducted by Health by Design.

Farmers’ Markets

Greene County General Hospital is proud to support local farmers’ markets. The Linton Farmers’ Market doubles SNAP, WIC, and Senor Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program Vouchers. Visit the manager’s tent at the market to find out how you can leverage benefits to purchase fresh, local, healthy food.

The Linton Farmers’ Market holds it’s opening day in May at Humphreys Park (Linton City Park). The market runs through September and is open every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


We know that every moment of movement we give our bodies contributes to our overall health. Even just a walk around the house or a trip to the mailbox will pay dividends in health and wellness. No matter what you choose to do, just moving your body will help you feel and be healthier!

If you are getting just getting started, be sure to set small goals for yourself: walk around the block, or download our beginner’s Walking Schedule.

Getting started on a fitness routine can be daunting, and it is important to consult with your health provider before beginning a new program. Taking precautions can help reduce your risk of injury and let you enjoy your newfound activity even more.

TeamOrtho’s Senior Summer Fit and Fun Program

Get fit with a certified athletic trainer and have fun with social activities! TeamOrtho’s certified athletic trainers host a senior summer fit and fun program for ages 55+ in the summer months. Every Thursday morning at 8:30 a.m., beginning in June, TeamOrtho hosts an exercise program at different locations throughout the the city of Linton. Be sure to check out our Facebook page by clicking here for more information!


Wellness Programs 812-847-4481

Do you want to quit smoking? Try smoking cessation classes. Contact Angel Overton at 812-847-4481 ext. 7148 for more information.

Need healthy eating tips to help manage diabetes, heart conditions, or weight loss? Greene County General Hospital’s Nutrition Services Department can help. With doctor’s orders, dietitians can offer you healthy eating tips. For more information, contact clinical dietitian Lisa Berns at 812-847-2281.

Chronic Care Management 812-847-4481 ext. 7148

If you are dealing with two or more chronic health conditions (diabetes, heart disease, etc), then you may be eligible for our Chronic Care Management program. This program provides one-on-one health coaching that can help patients identify goals and realize them through personalized strategies. Visit our CCM page or talk to your doctor about a referral.

For additional wellness resources, the following websites are available:

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