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What is CCM?

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a whole new approach to health care.

While patients work with primary care providers to manage medications and therapies, Greene County General Hospital’s CCM program focuses on another level of care.

At least 80% of health outcomes are directly attributable to personal behavior. That means that even the best medical care can be sabotaged with poor habits. But working with a CCM Coach can help.

CCM provides:

  • One-on-one counseling with certified professional health coaches
  • Accountability and regular follow-up
  • Motivation and routine

Proven Success

Because CCM and personal health coaching works with individual patients, it has a proven success rate to help manage chronic conditions and improve overall health.

  • Find your personal motivation to be well
  • Create your own goals
  • Be accountable for your choices
  • Go at your own pace

Sound familiar?

Meet Pat.  She is suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.  Since quitting smoking, her weight has become a problem, and she knows something has to change to get her health back on track.

Pat needs more than a list of prescriptions and instructions to succeed. If her story sounds familiar,  then CCM may be just what you are looking for: personalized, compassionate accountability, with goals you define and methods you choose.

How to Begin

To join the CCM program at Greene County General Hospital, you must have two chronic conditions that you are managing with your physician.

Your physician must refer you to the program. After certifying insurance coverage, you will be paired with a Certified Clinical Health Coach and begin your one-on-one sessions over the phone.

You Choose…

Your health coach will call you for your first session, however follow up meetings can happen via text message or email as well. Each session lasts 15 minutes, and coaches will respect your time. Work together to find the right time and frequency for follow up.

Nothing could be easier. Don’t worry about driving to make an appointment, just rely on your coach to call.  All you need to do is be prepared to answer  questions and create your OWN plan for getting healthier.

Meet GCGH’s Chronic Care Manager!

Angel Overton, RT
Care Navigator/Tobacco Treatment Specialist

Angel Overton, RT is the Chronic Care Manager/Care Navigator. She specializes in one-on-one chronic care management and conducts sessions over the phone. Contact her today with questions or for more information 812-847-4481 ext: 7148

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