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Greene County General Hospital’s pharmacy provides safe, accurate, cost-effective drug therapy. Pharmacists and technicians partner with physicians to provide optimal pharmaceutical care.

Pharmacy Staff at GCGH

Education is an important part of a pharmacists role. This includes medication education for patients who have been prescribed medications with complex instructions, such as anticoagulants, and diabetic teaching for blood glucose testing and insulin injection.

Our pharmacists also play a huge role in accurately and effectively caring for patients. They carefully prepare accurate home medication histories and medication lists to prevent errors. These lists are used by physicians to order medication in the hospital, and are continually reviewed for errors and omissions. The pharmacy department is also responsible for administering our bar code medication program, an effective method to ensure that every patient gets the correct medication and dosage every time.

GCGH Pharmacists provide the following medication management services:

  • Education on drugs with complicated dosing and monitoring (such as vancomycin, aminoglycosides, and cubicin)
  • Dose adjustments on medications cleared
  • Consult on proper antibiotic selection
  • Consult for dosing services on antibiotics and other medication
  • Primary resource on correct medication administration


Meet the GCGH Pharmacists!

Melissa Toon, RPh Director of Pharmacy and Infusion Services
Jodee Wade, PharmD
Renee Bellman, RPh
Allison Veatch, PharmD






Photos by Katie Marie Photography