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Emergency Department

Greene County General Hospital’s Emergency Room provides high quality, cost-efficient care with the latest technology and equipment. Whether you are experiencing the chest pain and shortness of breath common during a heart attack or have suffered some kind of trauma or injury, count on our ever-ready ER team to be there when you need them.

Equipped to provide emergency transfer to trauma centers or other hospitals when necessary, Greene County General Hospital can stabilize critical patients and provide life-saving care.

When should you visit the ER?

It isn’t always easy to know when you truly need to visit the Emergency Room.

Emergency Room visits are more expensive than urgent care or visiting a primary care physician due to the resources and level of training that is available there 24/7. Often patients visit the ER when their time and money could be spent much more wisely at urgent care or simply by waiting and visiting their primary care physician.


Photos by Katie Marie Photography

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