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What’s a SNFologist?

A SNFologist is a physician who has dedicated his or her practice to Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), or what we think of as nursing homes.

Anyone who has walked with a loved one through the transition to a nursing home understands the importance of continuity of care. Making sure the patient is seen regularly and is complying with medical advice is critical to the best outcome, and a SNFologist can make a big difference for many patients.

A SNFologist is able to check in on patient weekly if not more often after they have moved from the hospital to the SNF. Not only does this build a trusted relationship between the physician, patient, and family, it supports better patient outcomes overall. That can include avoiding readmission to the hospital, better medication administration, and higher family satisfaction.

Dr. Martin is currently practicing at Glenburn in Linton and Good Samaritan in Jasonville.

Dr. Thomas Martin, SNFologist
SNFology team at GCGH

Meet Dr. Thomas J. Martin. Most people know Dr. Martin from his practice in Worthington, where he has long had a reputation for kind and compassionate care for all ages.  His extensive background in family medicine and natural interest in geriatrics has uniquely equipped him to be our SNFologist. Now working exclusively with nursing home patients, Dr. Martin’s SNFology practice will help ensure better quality of care for those who are not able to live at home anymore.